Maximus Action Carnage


Pure uninhibited arcade action


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Maximus Action Carnage is like having a free to play traditional arcade game inside a modern computer. It's as if the legendary Commando had travelled through time, arcade machine in hand, and crept up inside your computer.

The game's story, which in this case is of no real importance, puts us right in the middle of the war between Japan and the United States. The hero Maximus, last surviving member of a squad of American soldiers, has sworn to avenge his former colleagues, and will not hesitate in taking out any Japanese soldiers who get in his way.

The game's controls, as with all arcade games of the age, are very simple. With the cursor you move the hero around the screen, always having to move forwards, and with the other two keys you shoot your machine gun and, occasionally, throw grenades that wipe out everything on the screen.

Carnage Action Maximus is not a simple or boring game, although neither were the arcade machines of the early nineties. Instead, you get a lot of fun and a real challenge, the game is quite unforgiving and will punish your mistakes ruthlessly. You can also leave your name on the leader board to show off in front of your friends later.
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